Gold: Inside and Out

When you hear the word “gold” do you think of shiny yellow gold or do you think of white gold? With many years in the custom jewelry industry I can tell you that white gold has become much more popular than yellow gold, by a margin of at least 10:1.

  • White gold is 75% pure gold alloyed with nickel or palladium which creates a grey gold. If you prefer to have a pure white gold piece of jewelry I would recommend getting a platinum gold piece made.
  • While there is a lot to know about gold, some of the most interesting facts are;
  • Palladium white gold costs more than yellow gold due to the high price of palladium
  • Gold is alloyed to achieve different colours.
  • Gold can be alloyed to create; yellow, white, grey, red, green or rose gold
  • Alloying makes 18K gold harder than pure gold however more alloy does not translate to more durability. Jewelry made from 18K and platinum will outlast lower karat gold’s.
  • Whiter gold alloys are used to avoid rhodium plating- it’s much easier to maintain an un-plated ring.
  • The use of nickel in jewelry is not permitted in Europe. 

I love to work with grey gold because I love the colour, however it comes down to personal preference. Your custom jeweller should be able to accommodate virtually anything you desire if you ask! Make sure that they are willing to listen to exactly what you want before you begin the process.

 Now that you understand a little more about gold you should feel educated and ready to come in and see some different designs and types of gold. Once you know what type and color of gold you want in the piece of jewellery you are on the road to creating the perfect piece of custom jewellery for that special someone!