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Jewelry is ultimately one of the most meaningful items you can wear.
Whether custom designed or from our small collections, our pieces are unique and will feel true to your personal style. Engagement rings and wedding bands designed and handcrafted with 18k gold, platinum, diamonds, sapphires, and precious gemstones.

1. Design Consultation

Elevate your engagement to the next level with the help of a skilled jewelry designer. Your meeting will be a chance to bring your dream engagement ring to life and ensure every detail is just as you envisioned it



2. Dream

The design process is meticulous and methodical. I take your ideas and combine my 50 years of design experience to craft a piece of jewelry that is nothing short of impeccable. We use 3D replicas to ensure that every detail meets your expectations, leaving nothing to chance. The result is a perfect piece of jewelry that reflects your unique style and vision.

3. Create

Our goldsmiths and gemstone setters combine traditional techniques and modern tools to create your dream ring. By moulding the precious metals and securing the gemstones with precision, they create a piece that is beautiful and made to last. Trust in their expertise and let them bring your vision to life. The result will be a ring that exceeds your expectations and symbolizes your love for years to come.


4. Delight

When the ring is placed on the finger, the fit is so perfect that it brings a smile to everyone's face. It's clear that the ring was made to fit the hand it now adorns, making it a truly special and memorable piece. This ring is a true reflection of the thought and care you put into its creation.


Calgary Jewellery Store for Custom Design Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Davidson Jewels is a Calgary Jewellery Store Specializing in Custom Design Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

When a couple was searching for the perfect engagement ring, they felt overwhelmed by the number of available options. They wanted to make their engagement memorable, and they knew that the right ring was vital to making this moment unforgettable. They wanted to find a jewellery store that could guide them in creating the perfect ring that would reflect their love and commitment to each other.

This was when they discovered Calgary's Davidson Jewels, the expert in custom engagement rings. The store's reputation for exceptional service and knowledge made them confident that they had found the right place.

At Davidson Jewels, the couple met with the designer/goldsmith who listened to their vision for the perfect engagement ring. They shared their ideas and preferences, and the team worked with them to create a one-of-a-kind ring that was unique to their love story. The result was a stunning ring the couple proudly wore to symbolize their love.

The quality of the materials used, such as platinum, 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, diamonds, and gemstones, ensured that the engagement ring would last a lifetime, just like the couple's love for each other.

Finally, the day arrived when the couple exchanged their vows, and the bride-to-be slipped the ring on her finger. It was perfect, just as they had imagined. They were overjoyed and knew they would always cherish this moment and the engagement ring.

Thanks to guidance from Calgary's Davidson Jewels, the couple now has a unique and beautiful engagement ring reflecting their love and commitment to each other. They are grateful for the experience and know their love story is just beginning.




"Ian was highly recommended by someone who had bought few of his pieces before. I was extremely impressed from the moment I walked in, Ian was absolutely lovely to talk to and work with. He even stayed open late to talk with me about the ring, my ideas and how we could incorporate my girlfriend's (now my fiancé) personality into the ring. His work is exceptional. My fiancé and everyone who's seen the rings he made for me have all commented on its beauty and craftsmanship. Truly ecstatic. I will be going to Ian for all of my jewelry in the future."


My fiancée and I had gone to a few jewelry shops in the city to find him a wedding band and just weren’t happy with the options that were pre-made in stores. I had always walked past Ian’s shop in his old downtown Calgary location and admired his craftsmanship through the windows but had no reason then to be buying beautiful jewelry.This time I knew that I had wanted to go to Davidson’s Jewels because he does custom work and now, his new location in East Village was right by my work!We set up an appointment and had such a great experience working with Ian! He was very professional, gave great advise and recommendations and we got to do a digital rendering of how the ring would turn out!We wanted it to be a rose gold band, but not too “pink” looking. So Ian was able to make the corrections to get the color and strength in the metal to how we wanted.Years later, we are still absolutely loving the ring and how it has aged. We receive compliments on it all the time.Thanks Ian!


"We have had jewelry made by Davidson Jewels since 1999. Engagement, wedding, 10 year anniversary ring and the latest addition a family ring. I love them all. I still get tonnes of complements on my rings 20+ years later. My husbands wedding band is the best I have ever seen. Ian's designs are classic, timeless pieces that stand the test of time. Already dreaming about that 25th anniversary ring. I think there is room for one more.


“My fiancé and I had my engagement ring and both our wedding bands made at Davidson jewels. I cannot speak highly enough about the entire process. Ian was very attentive to what I wanted, and obviously cared about the rings he was making. He spent a significant amount of time discussing what we wanted, making sketches, showing us different stones, and creating the 3-D rings prior, to make sure we were 100% happy with everything. Highly recommend.”