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Why choose platinum for your engagement ring

Posted by Ian Davidson on
Discover the benefits of a platinum engagement ring and why platinum is the right metal for you.

Sapphires Colors and Varieties

Posted by Ian Davidson on

 Introduction The birthstone of individuals born in September and the traditional gift for couples celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary, sapphire is one of four most popular and sought-after gemstones. The others naturally include – diamonds,...

How to Choose an Engagement Ring for a Surprise Proposal

Posted by Ian Davidson on
When you find that special someone, you want to give them a proposal they will remember and cherish forever. A surprise proposal is a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation with a beautiful engagement ring.

Modern Jewelry Design

Posted by Ian Davidson on
The accuracy of CAD designs allows you to see what your engagement ring is going to look like before it's created. It allows you to answer critical design questions before the making of the ring such as is the diamond too high or perhaps too low this can be changed in the software quickly. How would the design look if the accent diamonds were larger or a different shape? We can view these possibilities with our state of the art software.

Custom Engagement Ring | 8 Steps to Building The Perfect Ring

Posted by Ian Davidson on

 You’re committing to spending the rest of your life together, and your ring should symbolize that. When you create a custom diamond engagement ring, you can ensure that you’ll still love it ten, 20, and even 50 years down the road. It may require a little extra work, but the end result is worth the effort!