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Men's Tantalum Wedding Bands

Rarer than Gold, Tantalum is the world’s darkest, naturally-occurring, grey-black metal. Durable and dramatic, it offers a handsome contrast to the gold colours of antiquity. And, with fine malleability and formability, it responds beautifully when forged with other precious metals. The naturally grey black metal is perfect for men's wedding bands. Shop Tantalum Ring

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At the Bench Custom Engagement Ring in Progress

Just off our Formlabs 2 3d printer. This custom engagement ring is being created for our client who lives in Asia. The first step was to create a 3d CAD design on the computer and email it to our client for approval. When the design was approved we printed a highly accurate model of the ring as a "proof of concept". This model made of a specialized castable resin made for jewelers. Our next step will be to cast this ring in gold.

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About Rose Gold

What is Rose Gold Rose gold is created with the careful combination of 24k gold with copper and silver. The combination of 3 very soft metals would seemingly produce a soft alloy, but the opposite is true. If not mixed properly the resulting metal will be hard and brittle causing rings and claws to break easily. In our Calgary design studio Davidson Jewels have mastered the perfect alloy, strong but malleable. Why Rose Gold? I love that today’s jewelry buyer has a refined design sense and wants more than what is on trend. Rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm giving you another color option to express your style. The choice of rose gold will showcase your diamonds, and enhances...

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